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It is the policy of Souris Basin Transportation to offer equal employment opportunity and make available all its services without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or political opinion or affiliation.

Be Ready for Pickup

Please allow a 10 minute window (5 minutes before and after scheduled pickup). It is impossible to give an exact time for pickup or return trips. Time will vary due to the pickup locations, weather, road conditions, traffic, and number of riders. 

Car Seats

If you are bringing a small child or infant with you on the bus, you must bring a car seat for him/her to use. You must secure the car seat using the seat belts provided in the vehicle. The driver will not be responsible for securing the car seat. 

Cell Phones

While the use of cell phones is permitted on the bus, we ask that passengers please be considerate of the other riders. Loud talking that disturbs other passengers may result in a driver asking the offending passenger to refrain from using his/her cell phone. Radios and other electronic devices require earphones while on the transit vehicles. 

Closure Due to Weather or Other Emergencies

Souris Basin Public Transportation makes every attempt to provide service during scheduled hours. When extreme weather conditions make travel unsafe, we reserve the right to discontinue service until conditionsl improve. In case of severe weather, every effort will be made to get all passengers returned to their homes as quickly as possible. 

Souris Basin Public Transportation uses local TV and radio stations to broadcast closures due to dangerous weather conditions or other emergencies (e.g., flooding). Check your local stations for announcements. 

Complaints and Comments

Souris Basin Public Transportation encourages those with concerns or complaints to contact the Transit Director. Please be prepared to be as specific as possible about the concern or event. We follow up on all complaints. You may call Souris Basin Public Transportation Administration at (701) 852-8008 or submit a complaint in writing to the agency director at Souris Basin Public Transportation, PO Box 2211, Minot, ND 58702. All comments and complaints will be handled in a timely and efficient manner. 

Distracting Driver

Visiting with the driver while the bus is in motion is discouraged.

Escorts and Personal Attendants

Attendants traveling with passengers, who are frail and require assistance, may travel at 1/2 price. The escort must get on and off the vehicle at the same locations as the passenger. When you schedule your ride, let the dispatcher or driver know that an escort will be accompanying you. Under some circumstances, you may be required to have a personal care attendant or escort. 

Food and Drink

Food and beverages are allowed on the vehicle in spill-proof containers. Take all garbage with you when getting off the bus. 

Inaccessible Pickup or Dropoff Locations

If the parking lot is blocked or we are unable to enter a lot, we will not stop, unless you can meet us at a designated spot. Tight locations will be changed to areas where our buses and vans can enter and exit without damaging the units or other vehicles. 

Lost and Found

Check the area around you for personal items before exiting the bus. Souris Basin Public Transportation is not responsible for items left on its vehicles. However, if you believe you have left something on the bus, contact the office and let him/her know which bus you were on and where you were seated. 

Mobility Devices and Wheelchairs

We have buses and vans that are accessible for people who use mobility devices. When you call to reserve your ride, please tell the dispatcher if you use a mobility device such as a walker, manual or motorized wheelchair, scooter, etc., and if you will need a lift or ramp to enter the vehicle. 

All mobility devices must be secured within the vehicle by the driver. Our drivers have received training in handline mobility devices and securing them properly. 

Oxygen Tanks

Portable oxygen tanks are allowed on the vehicle but must be secured by the driver. Please let the dispatcher know when you schedule your rides if you will be bringing a portable oxygen tank on board. 


You may have as many packages as you can keep under your control while the bus is moving. Secure loose items to prevent them from rolling around. Nothing may be placed in the aisle or next to the wheelchair lift. 

Passenger Assistance

Souris Basin Public Transportation provides origin to destination service for any passengers needing assistance. Please let the driver know if you will require assistance. 

Prohibited Behaviors

Prohibited behaviors when using services provided by Souris Basin Public Transportation include:

  • No standing (must remain seated when the bus/van is moving)
  • No smoking
  • No fighting, throwing things, pushing, shouting, loud behavior, or vulgar language
  • No firearms, weapons, gasoline or other flammables, or fireworks
  • No feet on the seats
  • No roller skates or roller blades may be worn on the vehicles
  • No open alcohol containers
  • Shirts and shoes are required attire

Seat Belts

All passengers riding in the front row of seats in a van or bus are required by federal regulation to use the seat belts. All passengers are required to wear seat belts at all times while riding in our vehicles

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in vehicles and facilities operated by Souris Basin Public Transportation. The rider may be refused transportation services if the service animal is not under the control of the person with the disability or if it is threatening the safety of others. 


Smoking is not allowed on any Souris Basin Public Transportation vehicles.


Children must be removed from strollers. Strollers must be able to be collapsed and fit between the seats of the bus or secured by the driver. Strollers may not be placed in the aisle or next to the wheelchair lift.

Refusal of Service

Souris Basin Public Transportation has empowered its drivers to refuse service to any passenger who is intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or may be dangerous or disruptive. Drivers also have the right to remove people from the bus who are belligerent, rude, or refuse to follow agency policies or directions. If the driver believes a passenger poses a safety or health threat to himself/herself or others, the driver may contact dispatch or the police for assistance. Passengers are not allowed to carry weapons on the vehicle. If a person has unreasonable personal hygiene, the agency director or transit coordinator may discuss the issue with the passenger and discuss corrective actions that need to be taken to continue riding the bus. 

Loss of Ridership Privileges

Abuse of the service and/or policy will result in loss of ridership privileges, up to 30 days.

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